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warwick_rocksoc's Journal

Warwick University Rock Soc
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All Members , Moderated
We are one of the oldest alternative music societies at Warwick - we focus on rock and everything from thrash metal to Britpop. Rocksoc organise regular events including nights in the union, trips to Birmingham, Coventry and further a field, as well as outings to clubs and gigs for all tastes and budgets! Weekly socials with a very friendly crowd - come along and meet us! DJ opportunities and company for gigs available! (P.S. - black clothing, long hair, etc is not mandatory!)

The Exec:

President: Dan Kerr
Vice President/Head DJ: Alky Matt
Treasurer: Miles
Secretary: Charlie
Publicity Design: Matt Shillto
Publicity Distribution: James "Metal"
Webmaster: Anna

If you want to be added to the mailing list, then please email us at: rocksoc@sunion.warwick.ac.uk

If you have Facebook, you can find us here.